hello my name is.
UPDATE in 2020, this was initially created in 2009.. and obviously in 10+ years time, most links have died... so much for conservation. eventually i'll update them...

this web site was created on the vain notion that people rather like to google one another, especially themselves. in the creative [+ competitive] fields, it's all too easy to judge ones self importance on the web according to their listing on any given search engine. in the path of doing so, you are most likely to run into other 'uniquely named' individuals who happen to [unknowingly] be fighting for that first listing spotlight we all hold so dear. in the pursuit of seeing how i eeked out amongst the adversaries, i was surprised to learn just how many of me exist. ranging from the same profession to one instance of being labeled a scam artist, there have been some ___+ ted davis' out there to get lost amongst. this webpage pays tribute to those who were fortunate enough to be granted such a name by their parents. enjoy!  [close]
created this webpagehave a facebook accountplay traditional Irish musickeep my cat away from the toilet paperhad a 25th reunionam a trusteeam a used car salesmanam a clinical psychologistam also a photographerown a trailer parkpractice trademark lawwas quoted for a conspiracy theorybuild rustic art and furnitureexcavated in Egyptam a roadhave a 4 member fan clubstarted an enterpriseam a building managerjust want to be a part of their educational voyageam a family and divorce lawyeram linked inhack IKEAam reporting on the Bucksteach you how to make it in the real worldam a CEOtweetam a basketball coachDrove through time on the Silk Roadam a guitarplayed professional baseballhave been helping people reach their goals for 6 yearsgave a lecture on trademark lawwas a CHP Officerwas a heavyweight professional boxerpromote technical solutionsblog about my photosbuilt fine handcrafted musical instrumentswill make your event environmentally friendlywrite poetrydesign flight simulator sceneryam a captainhandle worldwide saleswas a featherweight professional boxerpose for photographsam an actor + photographeram the presidentwork with alloyshave a dash before my namerace motorcyclesam currently active in floridacontrolled mosquitoswas an extraordinary scholaruse 4 aliaseswas one of the pioneers of geomechanics in Australiaam a scam artistam fluent in Spanisham a member of the Miami Ruby Brigademay race the oldest boat everbuild environmentally safe affordable homesam a board membermake political campaign contributionsam an information technology directoram an architect - innovator - designerknow a lot about magnetsplayed professional footballwant to be your favorite place to shopconvert text to imagesinvestigate UFOsdraw guitar plansam BACHELORMANbring a wealth of talentwas looking for and usually finding a card gameam a professional 3D texture painteram the chairman Chairman of Talking Newspaper Enterprisesam the chairman of a Church Audit Committeestarted a namesake churchpartake in debates on evolution was an SNL characteram a left-fielderput out a record called The Maple Leafam an anti-semitegave a lecture on handling fiscal issues within your stateam a creative directorhad amassed a tone-wood sanctuaryam a qualifying mountain bikeram a licensed Texas Real Estate Brokerwas a fine artistam known as Mr. Baseballam a family doctorbequeathed my large collection of works artstarted a bicycle museumlet my fictitious name expiream a vice presidenthave the mind of a capitalist and the heart of a socialistput my name in “quotes”am the director of St. Francis’ Tableam currently not active in floridahave a cat named Neue Haas Grotesk Helvetica
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